Top 5 Benefits of Short Form Content

August 24, 2022 - Ben Wright

It seems like these days, everyone is trying to produce long-form content. But what if I told you that the best content is actually short form? That's right, shorter pieces of content are often more engaging and easier to consume.

When it comes to producing enablement content for your partnership team this doesn't differ.

If you look at the trends in society... The popularity of TikTok, Instagram reels and this is becoming more and more apparent.

If you are still producing pages of documentation, which is text heavy and full of information then chances are your sales team aren't going to pay attention.

Especially in a growing partner program where you are adding partners weekly, how do you keep your customer facing teams up to speed and ready to cross sell and promote your partners when they get in front of your customers.

The answer is short form content.

In this article we will be exploring just why short form content is king when it comes to partner enablement and exploring ideas on what types of short form content will accelerate your partner enablement effort.

With that… let's begin!

Short form content is easier to produce.

This might go without saying, but short form content is simply easier to create. If you think about a gated e-book or a best practices guide it can often take up to a month to pull together and produce. These types of resources are effective from a lead generation perspective if you are running a marketing campaign, but the elongated production cycles and effort taken to create is wasted on your customer teams.

A simple battle card, short video clip or one pager is an easier lift from a production perspective and much more likely to be read by your busy customer teams.

Short form content is more engaging. Building off the previous point, not only are customer teams busy, but people in general have shorter attention spans than ever before, so it's important to produce content that is easy to consume.

If you think about the last time you saw an advert or something on your phone, it's quick, compelling and to the point. Short form content is more engaging than long-form content because it's easier to digest. An infographic or one-page cheat sheet can be quickly scanned and understood, whereas a long blog post or whitepaper might take much longer to read and comprehend.

Remember, learning about partners is not a core part of a customer team's role, it's something that we are hoping they will do in order to support the partner team.

Make it easier for them and produce engaging content they are actually going to take in.

Short form content is easier to share.

Partner Enablement doesn't just happen internally. Oftentimes marketing teams share announcements online, and on social channels, meaning that it makes sense to produce content that can be easily shared through these channels.

Short form content is much more shareable than long-form content.

Short form content is also more likely to be consumed on social channels.

When was the last time you saw a 4 page article announcing the benefits of a new partnership…never!

A one pager... great!

A quick video clip... better.

A gif... a partnership gif... amazing!

That is why we are such big advocates of video content at PartnerFuel.

All of our videos create excitement, are informative and are sure to grab people's attention.

Short form content is more likely to go viral. If you want your content to reach a wider audience, short form content is more likely to go viral than long-form content.

When was the last time that a gated e-book was shared all over Instagram?

I can wait...

However you think about the laughing baby videos, the cute dog clips and they all share something in common.

No... not cute! Short form!

I am not advocating for all of your partner enablement content to go viral.

But what if it did, you would have people external to your company that would be pumped about an integration that you recently announced.

What could be better than that?

Short form content is the future I will end with where we started off.

Look at the signs across industries.

Short form content is king!

This should be replicated in the resources you create for your partnership team

Make stuff which is short, compelling and easy to understand.

Make it so customer teams can learn in minutes and not hours.

Create compelling content that you yourself would want to consume.

Ps, if you are looking for short form content that lands, check out some of the content we have produced at PartnerFuel..